1999 Legacy



for sale

in my ongoing quest to complete my collection of 1999 miniatures, I've come to own quite an amount of surplus models. As they are only gathering dust in storage right now, I offer them for sale here. Perhaps that one elusive miniature you've been looking for is right here!

All miniatures are still in their original packaging, complete and undamaged. Components are still in  their sealed plastic bags and the stat cards are on the front of the boxes. Remember: 1999 miniatures are long out of production and are getting increasingly rare!

Here is a list of the miniatures I have available:

stock # 

miniature available price
A2 Celestial Lord 9 10,00
A3 Pilgrimoire (x2) 3    7,00
A4 Champion with Intrearm Cannon 2    4,00
A7 Sacrosanct 1 10,00
DS1 Apocalyptic Rider 4 10,00
DS3 Tornador 8    4,00

please state the stock numbers and amounts you would like to order, as well as the complete ship-to address and I will contact you as soon as possible with a shipping quote. payment can be made by paypal if you are abroad and by either paypal or bank transfer if you are within the netherlands. Thank you and I hope you enjoy your 1999 miniatures!




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