1999 Legacy


Welcome to this webpage, which is aimed at assembling a comprehensive collection of information on the sadly out of production tabletop skirmish game 1999 by Cell Entertainment. As the game has barely had time to get out of the introduction stage, woefully little material has ever been published and its miniature range is limited for the same reasons.

Also, because of this, the potentially great gaming system has remained largely undiscovered by the gaming public. Its, at that time, innovative setting though, has seen many other systems follow in its tracks and the so called Weird World War games are more popular now than ever.

If you happen to possess any more information on 1999 than is put up here, please feel free to email it to me in order to share on this website; the more information is collected in one place, the easier people will be able to enjoy the game in all its aspects and who knows; its popularity might even grow. Happy gaming and collecting!


Latest update 03-05-2016: For Sale stock adjusted; very few miniatures remaining.

  Copyright 2009 by Daeothar. This website, for all purposes, is intended as a fansite only. There is no intention to infringe on any intellectual property of Cell Entertainment or any other (un)associated parties owning (part of) the 1999 game and setting.


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