This is the 1999 background story, as found in the booklet, enclosed in each miniature's box:


In the late 30's, modern science was just starting to find its feet. Scientists in dank cellar locations were beginning to take the first faltering steps into the realm of genetic manipulation. In a small laboratory in the heart of Berlin two scientists were about to make discoveries that would change the face of our world forever.

These scientists, the German Dr. Wasserman and Italian Dr. Maraffino, had been indulged in long term immaculate experiments on primates in the interest of a general of the German Armed Forces to improve the physical attributes of his troops and create a new breed of soldiers.

Aiding them in their work was their devoted assistant Jeremiah, responsible for the welfare of the handful of primates subject to their experiments, and especially the subject to the current experiment, still with some traits reminiscent to the race it once belonged to.

While the two scientists watched, Jeremiah entered the primate’s cage everyday, fed it and injected it with the serums and bacteria that were the results of the scientists’ ongoing research. He would visit it even when the others had stopped working, and over time, began to develop a special bond with it.

He discovered the initial signs that something was wrong as he found clusters of red, bleeding sores under the primate’s armpits. Still, the work with the decaying primate continued, and soon they discovered that it was infected with some sort of virus that they had never encountered before. Everything they tried to do to slow down the process was to no avail and they watched how the animal’s flesh painfully slowly rotted away, exposing bone and veins.
Within a few weeks, it was dead.

Despite Jeremiah’s objections, the experiments continued on other primates, even though they had already contracted the virus. The virus had spread between the subjects incredibly quickly, it seemed that just by breathing the animals could infect each other, and that a slow and very painful death occurred within a matter of weeks without exception.

Wasserman and Maraffino thanked God they hadn’t been in contact with the subjects themselves and they decided to keep the primates isolated until they died. The laboratory was sealed shut, leaving but the scraping sound of Jeremiah’s fingernails on the cold metal and hollow screams as a result of the scientists’ decision not to jeopardize anything and quarantine their assistant as well.

They reported their discovery to their superior general Lieber who, to their surprise was delighted with what he heard. This, he promised, was the weapon that would destroy the enemies of Germany. Rather than ending the experiment, he instructed them to change the focus of the research to perfect the virus as a weapon. If they succeeded, not one battle would have to be fought to claim the world as theirs.

They agreed, and reluctantly re-opened the laboratory again afraid of what macabre vision waiting for them. The stench of rotting carcasses was overwhelming, but there was something else that took them by storm. The body of Jeremiah was missing.

Maraffino and Wassermann continued to work on their new project. But soon something happened which they had not expected. Somehow the virus had escaped from the lab, and claimed its first human victim. They went to see the victim in hospital, they listened to her screaming, watched her flesh rot and her limbs contort as they proclaimed the hospital to be isolated and quarantined.

It was all too much for the Italian. Turning back to the Catholicism of his childhood he confessed everything to a local priest, told him every detail of the work they had undertaken and the results they had achieved. Relieved, Maraffino returned to work.

But it would not take long before Wassermann had to continue the work on his own.

Suddenly, Maraffino disappeared. He was taken to Rome by agents of the Vatican in order to continue his work under their supervision. Even though the new experiments were conducted under rigorous isolation, a few cases with symptoms synonymous with those of the virus were reported from hospitals in Berlin throughout the year.

Despite this, Lieber decided to still keep the project a secret and instructed Wassermann to resume the original work with primates, and in addition to this make them immune to the virus. In the course of his experiments, Wassermann twisted and contorted the animals beyond belief, turning them into demonic representations of their former selves. Slowly, after years of work, he was beginning to create creatures that matched Lieber’s demands. Through time Wassermann and Lieber had come to an understanding. Fuelling each others’ madness, the pair came up with a plan for world domination. They envisaged themselves as sole rulers of the world with hordes of Wassermann’s demonic experiments at their fingertips in the aftermath of the virus.

What they wanted was no less than the complete annihilation of mankind.

But in the Vatican, steps were already being taken to counter this vision. Since Maraffino’s confession there had been intense debate within the holy city as to what might be done should this virus manifest itself as a threat in the future. Maraffino had since he was taken to the Vatican, worked on a mean to counter the virus should it be unleashed. The reports of more cases with virus symptoms appearing in Berlin intensified Maraffino’s work.

Soon Wasserman undertook experiments to cross genes of the new primates and the most prominent of the soldiers in Lieber’s troops in order to create a stronger and smarter breed, superior to any human soldiers and immune to the terrible virus that was going to shake the
foundation of the German Reich, and the World. They were ready.

Lieber planted self-destructing vials containing the virus with the armed forces’ international couriers. Soon their affliction was going to spread. It would not take long before the whole world was crippled.

Meanwhile the virus continued to spread in Berlin, and soon through the rest of Germany. Hospitals all over the country were soon filled to the brim tying up masses of resources, and forestalling any plans for rearmament. Hidden away from the eyes of the world, an army slowly
started to amass in an underground garrison in Berlin.

But by this stage, events in Germany were of little consequence for the rest of the world. Like wildfire the virus had spread, bringing country after country to its knees as hospitals filled, and there was no longer enough people to help the millions who simply died in their homes.

In Italy, where the virus was just beginning to take hold, the government had declared a state of national emergency, and the people were afraid to leave their homes. But Maraffino and the Vatican were ready. Using a combination of a chemical serum, mechanical apparatus and genetical manipulation, they had found ways to protect themselves from the virus.

But rather than simply mass produce this equipment and distribute it to the masses, they kept completely quiet. As they saw it, this virus was a judgement from God and only the most holy and exalted within the Catholic Church should be protected from it, others had to face the wrath of God. As the virus spread through Italy, people saw that the men of the church were not struck down. In cathedrals and churches throughout the world, Catholic priests and bishops preached that only those who possessed the favour of God would live through the terrible plague He had brought down upon the unrighteous.

Meanwhile, Lieber unleashed the first of the new breed on the virus-decimated remains of the German armed forces. With the demonic creatures they seized control of what was left of Germany that allowed them to allocate immense resources to continue Wasserman’s
experiments and realize their mutual vision of massive breeding chambers for the new race.

By the time the rest of the world began to notice the activity that was going on in Berlin it was too late. The nations of the world were impotent. Nobody was in a position to investigate what was happening since they were consumed with fighting the raging virus.

Except the Vatican.

In an announcement that shook the world, the Vatican promised a cure to those suffering from the early symptoms of the virus. Through the grace of God, they promised, they would heal the sufferers.

Those who could soon flocked to their local churches. They were taken to underground bunkers and catacombs where they received the treatment developed by Maraffino and his assistants, and were then kept separate from the rest of the world to avoid being contaminated
by sin and to be purged from the taint of hell in the holy fires of the trinity.

Indeed, these blessed ones soon showed signs of recovery, but there were various side effects. The price for this miraculous treatment was a mental regression into a childlike state. The body was so altered that those healed in this way had to be taught how to use their bodies and their minds all over again. The church had finally found a way to create a race of pure innocence.

When they were ready, some of the less unsightly of these were revealed to the world. The Vatican announced that they had been transfigured by the beauty of God and transformed into Angelics. Not all believed this, but they could nevertheless see that these people, despite having contracted the disease, still lived.

Meanwhile, Lieber continued to replace the decimated populations of central Europe with Wasserman’s experiments and began the extermination of the human life that had escaped the virus.

This was what the Vatican had been waiting for. They turned once more to what was left of the people of Earth and showed them what they regarded to be the truth about Lieber and Wassermann.

They were the servants of the Antichrist, it was said, and through them an army of demons had been released from hell to destroy the world. Only by offering up their souls and bodies could the people of the world save themselves from ruin. More people flocked to swell the growing ranks of the mutated Angelics.

Confrontation soon followed as the Vatican sent its Angelic soldiers to attack the unholy forces of Lieber, and to tear down Wassermann’s installations. Minor confrontation turned to full-scale war as both sides began to grow larger and more powerful as the virus tore through the rest of the world. And this unleashed five decades of war that altered the course of history. And of man.


The year is 1999. The place is our world with a different face, a dark gothic and disturbing experience, set aflame and torn asunder by a hopeless war to rescue the faith of mankind. Malignant forces are pulling the strings and on the horizon, darkness mass clouds of conflict. The past has caught up with the remains of mankind.

Spreading from their base of power in central Europe, Wassermann and Lieber have continued to improve their breed of Demonics. Their laboratories have grown into massive underground complexes. Deep within the iron bowels of these nightmarish torture chambers, Wassermann and his assistants are working on a new virus, one that the Angelics will be unable to protect themselves from.

Meanwhile, Lieber and his generals lead the Demonic troops in a perpetual war against the Angelic forces.

These “angels” are now hundred thousands strong. The cathedrals and catacombs where they began have been developed into huge domed pyres. Behind the gothic stained glass windows, new victims of the virus submit themselves to be treated with Maraffino’s method.

Over the decades the method has been honed and the Angelics have been turned into supernatural soldiers. For the past years more daring genetical experiments have been undertaken in the havens of the Angelic realms, and a bred race of Angelics have already seen the dawn of day. The evolutionary race rages on.

Regularly, Angelic missionary expeditions leave the constructs to go and preach to the masses, enticing them to join them in their struggle against the forces of the Antichrist, and spare themselves from the wrath of God.

Those humans who still live, inhabit a shattered and ruinous world. Their society has been reduced to a mere shadow of its former self and the only road open to humanity seems to be that leading directly to the abyss.

But there is hope.

There is one who seems to offer true salvation, one who denounces the lies and evil of both the Angelics and Demonics. Since the virus broke out it has been thought that only those protected by the Vatican could escape its ravages, but one man has continually escaped its grasp. He has lived and worked with its victims without ever being infected. He has offered comfort and encouragement to those most oppressed, and over the years he has attracted a loyal band of followers. Now he has come to believe and to preach that he is the true saviour. He is the one truly sent by God to save mankind and to crush the oppressors. People are listening.

This man is in fact Jeremiah. Since he escaped from the project he has travelled the world, first running from his superiors, and then from the virus, which seemed to follow him wherever he went. As the world began to be consumed he wondered why he escaped unscathed while those around him were infected. He began to realise that the virus had no power to touch him. At first he just used his gift to help those who needed him, but over time he began to be convinced that he had a purpose. That it was his duty, assigned by God, to stop the virus, which he had discovered, and to halt the evil unleashed upon the world.

Around him he has gathered a band of followers, Disciples if you will, and he has began to resist the oppressors. He and his rebels have broken into the installations of the Church and released men and women waiting to be turned into angels. He has broken into Wassermann’s laboratories and stolen the fruits of his research. He has fought back. What he and his followers are desperately seeking is a cure, redemption for the people from the Angelic’s treatment. Then he will be able to rally the forces of mankind, to overthrow the rule of the church and to destroy the demonic creations of Wassermann.

What Jeremiah does not realize is that his immunity to the virus springs from the fact that he is carrying it. In fact, he is the source of the infection, the primary host.

The virus sprang from the preparation process of the serums and chemicals, and Jeremiah’s years of exposure to it in small doses in the lab built up his immune system so that he has become able to carry it without suffering any of its symptoms. Then he infected the primate subjects. He was also the one who infected the first victim who Maraffino and Wassermann visited in Berlin.

He is the one who unleashed the virus. Even now, as he preaches to the people of the world, he is spreading the very plague that he is trying to fight.


As the Second Millenium is racing towards its end, the unforgiving face of war has revealed itself to all without compromise. To live is to fight.

When humanity was close to obliteration by the Cleansing, great resources were left unexploited. Gigantic factories, mines and oil fields were abandoned and power stations were shut down. Now the battle to gain control of them is constantly raging across former Europe, throughout the empty ghost towns, where still skeletal remains remind of the time before the Cleansing.

This is not a war of gigantic armies. It is a war of furious guerrilla warfare, cunning ambushes, and carefully laid traps, where the enemy might not reveal themselves until you are in their midst. It is a lethal game of hide-and-seek where the hunter may at any time become the hunted. This war is personal.

Do you dare to make it yours?